Gallery: Stateline Adobe Users Group Newsletter

By David Greiner on 18th August 2006

See the complete email designWe loved the look of this monthly email newsletter sent by the Stateline Adobe User Group.

The newsletter is loaded with useful content for their members, including product and book reviews, upcoming events and contents to win free software. We like the positioning and look and feel for the web version and unsubscribe links too. A nice touch.

The newsletter design is also very consistent with their existing site, which is especially important for any new subscribers receiving the email for the first time. Anything that can jog a recipient’s memory (such as the from name, the subject and the look and feel of the content) and remind them about giving you permission is a good thing.

Designer:  Zach Stepek  |  See the complete design


  • Razvan Pop
    15th September


    I see some of the newsletter templates are tableless. Yahoo, Gmail and some more won’t display it as it should be viewed.

  • Dave Greiner
    15th September

    Razvan, while some web-mail clients offer limited CSS supported, email environment like Yahoo! offer very good CSS support. You can read an article on the best approach to coding CSS based emails here.

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