Introducing MailBuild

By David Greiner on 23rd June 2006

You guys might have noticed the posts have been a little thin around here lately. Unfortunately, it's not because we've been surfing in Indonesia. We've actually been hard at work on a brand new email marketing application called MailBuild, which is launching some time next month.

Just like Campaign Monitor, MailBuild has been built for you guys - web designers and email marketers. But the similarities stop there. We've built MailBuild for those clients of yours that want to create their own emails and manage their own subscribers, but still send great looking emails. Here's a quick screenshot to give you a taste of what's coming.

MailBuild in action

You can use MailBuild to:

  • Create a separate account for each of your clients - which they can log-in to from your own site.
  • Completely customize the app so it looks like your own tool. Like Campaign Monitor, it's completely private label.
  • Design great looking templates for your clients or re-use any from our growing gallery.

Your clients can use MailBuild to:

  • Create and send awesome looking emails in seconds with no knowledge of HTML - see this in action (1 minute, 6.3MB)
  • Manage their own subscribers - we handle unsubscribes and bounces for them.
  • Check out attractive reports on the results of their campaigns.

The best part is, the pricing model will be just like Campaign Monitor, so you can easily charge your clients a marked up rate to use the software.

We'll be officially launching some time in July, but we're currently accepting applications to join our beta program. If MailBuild sounds like something you'd be interested in, apply for an invite code today. OK, one last screenshot, we couldn't resist.

MailBuild in action


  • Matt Leighton
    24th June

    This looks excellent - you guys have done it again!

  • Web Man Walking
    24th June

    Superb guys, just what I am looking for.  Will it have an API?

  • Kelter
    24th June

    Looks great! Interested in seeing how the UI will work for defining (add/edit/delete) templates for each client..

  • Ben Richardson
    24th June

    Will it have an API?

    Definitely!! If we don’t have it ready for launch it will be one of the first features that comes very soon after launch.

  • Amit Karmakar
    25th June

    This looks really good. Waiting for my beta account. Well done guys.

  • Anders Fredenslund - a userfriendly designer├â┬┤
    26th June

    .. great, you guys rock!   -have been using campaignmonitor as tool for some large clients in Denmark and it’s been great ( the best tool around, and great businessmodel )
    ...looking forward to MailBuild,  just what I have been seeking for some off my other clients :-)

  • matt carey
    26th June

    been thinking about this overnight (after reading the blog) and i want ot more and more. it will be great for many of our clients who want to send html emails but have no skills or expertise. cannot wait to try it out!

  • Chuck Reynolds
    28th June

    Awesome!  I’ve been looking for a way to let clients manage their lists themselves…

    Can’t wait to play with it… thx!

  • Chuck Reynolds
    28th June

    One question.  The form to allow clients to log in… will that be the same form as the regular CM reporting one? 
    Say you have one client that uses the reporting currently, and then we add another client that uses this new MailBuild.  Can they login to their respective accounts from my site via one form?  That would be great…. as opposed to having two different forms for clients… “if you have list mgmt capabilities.. use this form… otherwise use this form… ”  LOL.. see what I mean?

  • Dave Greiner
    28th June

    Hey Chuck, you’ll be pleased to know that we will integrate the two into a single form so all your clients can login from a single source whether they use MailBuild to create and send their own emails or Campaign Monitor to view reports on the campaigns you send for them.

  • Kelter
    30th June

    Excellent! Looking forward to see the integration of MailBuild clients and CM client. THANKS!

  • Damien
    4th July

    Great query regards the login form - I was just wondering on that one.
    Is that available yet?

  • Dave Greiner
    4th July

    Not yet Damien, but it certainly isn’t far off. We’ll announce it in the soon-to-be-launched MailBuild blog the moment it’s available.

  • Sergei
    25th July

    I have quite a few clients who would love this kind of tool.

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