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By David Greiner on 21st March 2006

See the complete email designThis was a great looking monthly email newsletter designed by New Zealand based Catch Design for

Most of use have seen plenty of real estate emails before, but this is certainly one the better presented examples that I’ve seen. The colors are great and the large font size used for the main titles makes the email very easy to scan.

Asking for your subscriber’s feedback at the bottom of the email is also a great idea, as long as you’re aware of the limitations of form support in email. In this case, it might have been a good idea to link to a web based version of the form if anyone has trouble giving feedback.

Designer:  Hamish Stevenson  |  See the complete design

1 Comment

  • Geeee
    2nd May

    You are so right, I really like it very much. I like the colors combination and font size also. as am designer too, I really prefere the classic designs with small elements that reflects the purpose from the artwork in a simple way to users. Great job Hamish, well done body… and thanks David for the post really, & let us see this pretty design (Y)

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