Gallery: Spoiltchild Monthly Newsletter

By David Greiner on 30th August 2005

See the complete email designWe absolutely love this monthly newsletter sent by the talented folks at Dublin based Spoiltchild Design.

Not only is the design absolutely gorgeous and easy to read, the newsletter also degrades gracefully in email environments less supportive of modern standards.

Stop listening to me waffle on, go and check it out!

Designer:  Alan O’Rourke (and Diana)  |  See the complete design


  • Alan O'Rourke
    31st August

    Cheers for the mention David.

  • Alan O'Rourke
    31st August

    Oops, should have said the Design was actually by myself and Diana here in the studio, not just me as listed :)

  • Ketan
    31st August

    Looks great! I’m curious how it performs in some of the webmail clients?

  • Dave Greiner
    31st August

    No problem Alan, Diana’s in there now ;)

    Ketan, the campaign actually looks perfect in Yahoo! and degrades to a nicely formatted layout in Hotmail and Gmail.

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