New Feature: Track your subscriber growth with RSS

By David Greiner on 27th July 2005

FeedDemon Screenshot

You guys have been after this one for a while. Today, we're wrapped to announce the ability to keep track of your subscriber growth by RSS.

To subscribe to any of your lists, head in to Manage Subscribers, select the list you want to keep track of and then copy and paste the feed URL provided at the bottom of the page into your favourite reader.

Each subscriber list you create has it's very own feed. To make sure you're seeing the latest, we update your stats in real-time whenever you hit refresh in your RSS reader (as long as your reader or aggregator supports this).

Now you can stay on top of your list growth without ever needing to open Campaign Monitor. Of course, you could always use our API to get these stats, or even import your latest subscribers into your own software.

Enjoy - and please let us know if you think anything could be improved.


  • Buck Rogers
    28th July

    I like the way you think.  Have you considered doing some Podcasting on your product?

  • Dave Greiner
    29th July

    Hey Buck,

    Thanks for the suggestion, but no one wants to hear our bad Aussie accents ;)


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