Web Directions — win an iMac from Freshview

By Mathew Patterson on 26th September 2007

Tomorrow and Friday some of the Freshview team will be at Web Directions South in Sydney, running demos of Campaign Monitor and MailBuild, meeting customers new and old, and also giving away some great prizes.

Win a new 24inch iMac at Web Directions

We have a serious stack of t-shirts to give away (the t-shirts you all helped to design), and every person who actually wears one of our shirts will be in with a chance of winning the spanking new 24 inch iMac we'll be using at the conference.

The prize will be drawn on Friday, and someone will be going home with an awesome new computer (if you can prevent me from taking it first!). We'd love to meet any Campaign Monitor or MailBuild customers who are going to be there, so drop by and say hello. It's also your chance to make a personal plea for that feature you really need.

We look forward to seeing you there!


  • Damien Buckley
    28th September

    As noted yesterday, if you get stuck with this, we’re happy to take it off your hands, lol.

  • Dave Greiner
    29th September

    Thanks again to everyone who entered, we gave away about 200 shirts in less than 2 hours. We’ll be writing a follow up about the whole event early next week. And sorry Damien, I don’t think the winner will be giving it up any time soon ;)

  • Jason
    29th September

    Well, as the winner, I can positively say that I won’t be handing this baby over!!!

    I have always been a PC user and didn’t quite know how I’d go, but I have to say I am already in love with this machine. I might just become a convert… ;)

    Thanks very much to the guys at Campaign Monitor. It’s a fantastic prize - I still can’t believe I won it!! :D

    Now I just have to get it on the plane home tomorrow :/
    (I’m sure I’ll manage!)

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