New feature: Include an unsubscribe link in your confirmation and verification emails

By David Greiner on 18th April 2007

We've just pushed an update live that's been a long time coming. From today, you can now include a single click unsubscribe link in the following automated emails:

  • The double opt-in verification email - When a new subscriber completes your double opt-in subscribe form, we automatically send them a customizable email with a link they need to click to confirm their subscription.
  • The subscription confirmation email - When a new subscriber is added to your list (either single or double opt-in), you have the option of sending them a customizable welcome email (check out these tips on writing good welcome emails)

Screenshot showing an unsubscribe link being inserted into email contentIncluding a single-click unsubscribe link in both of these emails is a great way to add another layer of trust with any new subscriber and show them right off the bat how commited you are to respecting their preferences.

As always, you can customize the unsubscribe confirmation page that anyone sees when they click this link so they're redirected to your own (or your clients site). You can head into your "Unsubscribe Settings" for each list to set this up.

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