If Cupid had email…

By Mathew Patterson on 14th February 2007

SolDesign's Valentine's emailWell it's Valentine's Day again (we'll pause here for all those people who forgot...we're in Australia; there might be enough time left for you to get to the shop). If you've seen enough chubby babies and puppies with red ribbon bows to get you through the rest of the year, you'll be relieved to see that there are better options out there. We've been checking out the Valentine's Day emails, and we've found a couple that are worth checking out. The first is from SolDesign in Georgia, USA. They've put together a great email of creative ideas for Valentine's Day, in a beautiful, minimal design. Check out the links for some afternoon-eating fun.

Web 2.0 ValentineThe second email is a Web 2.0 Valentine from the team at Social Signal. Somebody really needs to start a Web 2.0 Scrabble tournament!

Finally, if you are one of those people with large numbers of Valentine's, we have a suggestion for you: Nothing says "Love" like a thoughtful, individual email.... put those personalization tags to use!


  • Rob Cottingham
    17th February

    Thanks so much for telling people about our card (and for CM’s prompt, terrific service is sending it far and wide). If only Campaign Monitor had a more love-related name, we’d have happily worked your logo in, too. :)

  • swdbpnjz yozfpke
    9th September

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