“An absolute delight that will make my job so much easier”

By David Greiner on 29th January 2007

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE Campaign Monitor. I have been doing email campaigns for our clients for two years, using various software solutions including an in-house, custom-made solution that was supposed to do everything Campaign Monitor does. I have faced nothing but frustration with each campaign taking half a day to get together lists, upload templates and naming variables and etc. I have also introduced many errors into large email campaigns which could have been avoided with a simpler interface.

But using Campaign Monitor for the first time I spent less than an hour to complete a rush campaign. I was absolutely thrilled (and I don't often get thrilled with software unless it's Call of Duty or something)! Using this application is an absolute delight and will make my job so much easier. You have won a dedicated customer who will be referring this product to anyone and everyone who would have a use for it. THANKS!

Andrew Branch, Ideacog

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