Campaign Monitor and WordPress integration is here!

By David Greiner on 7th April 2009

Update: The WordPress Plugin for Campaign Monitor has been discontinued.
Instinct are no longer supporting the development of this particular plugin. For a selection of alternate WordPress plugins & addons, please visit our Downloads page.

WordPressBack in January, the team at Dialect released a cool white label Wordpress plugin that showed you your subscriber lists stats right there in the WordPress dashboard. This was a great step forward for our customers using WordPress, but many of you longed for much deeper integration.

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new WordPress plugin from revered WordPress plugin developers Instinct. These guys are the brains behind the uber-popular WordPress e-Commerce Plugin.

What can it do?

WordPress Plugin for Campaign MonitorThe new plugin lets you automatically add a widget to your site to capture subscribers. It can then sync that list of subscribers with any list in your Campaign Monitor account with a single click. The plugin even lets you create and delete lists from within the WordPress interface.

Administrators can also upload CSV files containing their contacts and associate those users with a Subscriber List. The plugin currently supports Thunderbird CSV, Outlook CSV and Google CSV formats. This is an awesome way to let some clients to maintain subscriber lists without having full access to their account.

What’s coming soon?

While we normally shy away from speculating about upcoming features, this one was too cool to leave out. The Instinct team are currently working on bundling a number of HTML email templates into a future update allowing you to build and send emails through Campaign Monitor without ever leaving WordPress. We can’t wait to see that one come together.

Learn more and download the free plugin. A huge thanks goes to the Instinct team for all their hard work putting this together. It’s a massive undertaking and we know how much our customers appreciate it.


  • Jason Foss
    7th April

    Been thinking about writing something similar myself. Fantastic! Thanks to Instinct for doing it for me! :)

  • Jonathan Aizlewood
    7th April

    Fantastic news, same as above, it was gettting to the point where I wanted to try and write one myself. As for the templates/sending from wordpress, that’s the killer app, sadly you beat me to it, but happy it’s from the guys at CM and not some half-rate ESP to have done it! Sure to be great.

  • Alex
    8th April

    This is too good to be true! I’ve been heavily looking into having something like this developed and found it hard to believe that CM and WP hadn’t yet been integrated by someone already.

    Being able to create and send email through CM directly from WordPress would be THE perfect app! I wonder if they’ll create other pay plugins that’ll allow you to pull reports, etc into WP as well?

    I know… getting ahead of myself but thoughts of this type of integration between the two has been on my mind for a loooooong time!

    Thank you CM for creating the best email marketing software and to Instinct for taking the step to bring it into WordPress!!!!!

  • Alec Kinnear
    8th April

    What a great idea. Allowing clients some list management is superb.

    I just wish there weren’t the $5 fee per send, as we like to send frequent emails to small lists.

    Oh and autoresponders would be nice.

    Any plans?

  • Patric Mclean
    8th April

    I just wish there weren’t the $5 fee per send, as we like to send frequent emails to small lists.


  • Edmund Pelgen
    8th April

    Autoresponders will help you guys capture the internet marketing crowd and not just the design/ broadcast mob u have now… Oh and that min send fee will need to be adjusted accordingly. ;)

    Great work guys

  • SHG
    8th April

    Wow, I just spent 24 hours trying to hack together something that does this, and I hate what I came up with. Perfect timing, CM team :)

  • Danny Foo
    8th April

    Awesome-ness! I’ve been waiting for this to come out. :D

    Wordpress w00t!

  • riasaurusrex
    13th May

    Any idea when the bundle of stuff will be coming?
    That’s gonna be great!

  • ArianaSuig
    14th May

    I think you love dark color

  • jim
    21st May

    How does the plugin sync with campaign monitor? Am I missing something?

  • Gabriel Mansour
    16th June

    Sounds like a great plugin!

    Howevr, I’d love a WordPress plugin that automatically publishes the campaign text to my blog every time I send one out—is there a way to do that?

  • Nicolas Mollet
    25th June

    The plugin is great, and I can’t wait for a complete Wordpress integration.
    Did you already planned the “build and send emails through Campaign Monitor without ever leaving WordPress” functionnality ?

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