How to add a newsletter signup form to your Facebook ‘Like’ page

By Mathew Patterson on 10th July 2009

Update: An app for adding subscribe forms to Facebook pages is now available.

As of 18 March, 2011, new FBML apps can no longer be added to Facebook pages. However, existing FBML subscribe forms will continue to work.

It has always been easy to put a signup form onto a standard web page, just by copying and pasting the form code from your account. Now it is almost as easy to add the same signup form to your Facebook fan page, and let your Facebook friends join your list. Our thanks go to the Return on Subscriber blog for providing the general instructions.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Add the Static FBML application to your page

Go to the Static FBML application and choose to add it. It will ask you which page you want to add it to:

Add to Facebook

Basically it is just a container you can add your own HTML into.

Edit the FBML application and rename it

Click on ‘edit page’ from your pages profile, and find the FBML box. Click the pencil edit icon in the header.


Now you can paste in your form code, and add any introductory information, images or other design touches to your form.


Add the signup form as a tab on your page

To make it easier for your fans to find the form, you can add it as a navigation tab. Just click the “+” icon in the top navigation list, and select your new form from the list.

Now it is a standalone tab, and people can signup at any time.


To see it in action, visit the Campaign Monitor fan page. When we have our new shirts we’ll give a few away to our Facebook fans too, so it could pay off to add us. We’re not too proud for blatant bribery!


  • Peter Davis
    10th July

    Is it possible to put in a “Newsletter Archive” inside Facebook using a similar method?

  • Wayde Christie
    10th July

    Ah sweet - will be messing with this fo sho!

  • John
    12th July

    This is great!!!

  • Mathew Patterson
    15th July

    @Peter Davis

    I don’t think so - Facebook sensibly prevents javascript from running inside there. You can display RSS feeds, so there may be a way to take the output from the archive script, and turn that into a feed for your Facebook page.

    Perhaps a Facebook expert out there knows more?

  • Lettie
    16th July

    Added it to A Bride’s Tale’s Facebook fan page immediately! Thanks!

  • bytejunkie
    16th July

    this just doesn’t work for me. must be doing sommat wrong. how do i add the FBML as an application? i can add it to my page and become a fan of it, but nothing else.

    someone enlighten me.

  • Pamela Ortega
    16th July

    Can not find the option to add the application to my page, any idea how to?

  • Mathew Patterson
    16th July

    I’ve linked in the post directly to the FMBL application, but here is the link again:

  • Dumbo feather
    16th July

    Too easy - thanks guys! Love your work.

  • acland
    16th July

    added it to the Spirit House fan page and also added a facebook fan box to our newsletter signup page on our site. So now facebookers can sign up to our newsletter and newsletter subscribers can sign up as a facebook fan - very cool, thanks!

  • Lawrence Alexander
    16th July

    Coming up trumps again CM! You guys are hands down the best web service out there.

  • Sam Ellis
    16th July

    How about on LinkedIn? Is it possible to add a similar thing to a group on there?

  • Wendy
    17th July

    Thanks for putting this in your newsletter.

  • Meredith Self
    17th July

    I was soooo excited to see this!!!  Then sooo disappointed to see it can be used for personal profile. I haven’t made a Public Page for my business since I am an independent consultant I just use my personal profile.

    Anyone know how to add a subscribe to newsletter form on a personal profile??

  • Jim Ellis
    17th July

    I’ve just signed up - however, I was expecting an email to confirm that I wanted to receive your newsletter.  What mechanism do you have to stop me from adding anybody’s email address(es)?

  • David Greiner
    18th July

    Hi Jim, you can set your list to be either single or confirmed opt-in when you create it. Confirmed opt-in would mean the subscriber would need to click a link in a confirmation email before being added to the list.

  • Kristin
    31st July

    Perfect, thanks so much, worked brilliantly!

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