The Fix Outlook mosaic is on the wall at Microsoft!

By David Greiner on 5th August 2009

A couple of weeks back, you might remember that we sent the Office team a final message that included a huge mosaic of everyone who took part in the campaign.

We were unsure if we would hear back from the Office team, but were pleasantly surprised today when a large package straight from Redmond arrived on our doorstep. William Kennedy, the Corporate VP of Office was kind enough to send a personal letter to us thanking us for our efforts. William even explained that the Fix Outlook mosaic was now on display in their hallway so the entire Office team can check it out.

William also mentioned that “improvements and changes in this area are something that the team is definitely considering for the future”. Only time will tell if Outlook will move towards better standards support, but this is certainly the strongest message on the subject we’ve had to date.

This is a brilliant result. Here’s the complete letter (emphasis ours).


I can’t thank William enough for not only ensuring our message is seen by the entire team, but for taking the time to let us know how much they appreciated our feedback.


  • David Bell
    6th August

    Great work CM, I’d say that’s a result.

  • Rodney Riley
    6th August

    Great result David - we really appreciate CM championing the cause of standards compliant html emails. It just makes designers lives simpler and easier as well as improving the recipient’s experience.

  • Koen Mertens
    6th August

    It is indeed the strongest signal anyone has given regarding the subject.

    So it’s a good step forward but I don’t let this be the final action. I mean, the standard reply “...we are definitely considering for the future…” doesn’t give me much confidence…
    Let’s hope I’m wrong.

    But, as said, I don’t think you guys could have made a bigger fuzz then you did with this action. *Thumbs up*

  • Shane
    6th August

    he needs to run spellchecker on his signature…...there’s no way that says William Kennedy…....

  • Mark Wyner
    6th August

    Excellent work, Dave et al. But let’s not forget that “definitely considering” means low priority in Redmond. Pushing harder at this point, given their attention/recognition, is the necessary action to get us to the home plate.

  • Jason
    6th August

    What kind of trinkets did they send? I want!

  • David Greiner
    21st August

    Jason, they send through a bag of goodies such as hats, mugs and a sweet yo-yo. It was a nice gesture.

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