An update to the mobile application

By Ros Hodgekiss on 9th February 2010


Last week, we launched the mobile-optimized version of Campaign Monitor. The response has been astoundingly positive, however it became evident that a few things could be improved. So instead of resting on our laurels, we’ve taken your constructive feedback on board and rapidly rolled out a neat update to our mobile application.

A lot of the comments we received suggested improvements to the login screen. So, we’ve stepped out with a slightly sexier design, yet kept it congruent to the rest of the web application. We’ve moved the login button, resulting in a more intuitive interface. Plus, you can now remain logged in to the app, which is great news if you’re regularly spying on campaign stats.

These may be all incremental improvements, but it does go to show that our team have been taking your comments and feedback to heart. Many thanks to all of you for giving it a whirl and sending in your thoughts on the app - it’s a work in progress, so please let us know what else you would love to see in future updates.


  • Bart
    9th February

    Awesome! I especially like the fact that I can stay logged in! Thx!

  • Jon M
    9th February

    Many thanks - top news about being able to stay logged in. Appreciate you taking my comment to heart and getting it sorted so quickly!

  • ckilgore
    10th February

    Yay for moving the log-in button! Nice responsiveness on this.

  • Robert Morrow
    10th February

    That is why you guys ROCK!

  • 6bv
    10th February

    thanks too much

  • Steve Guberman
    10th February

    Great work, and by great work I mean great job listening and responding to your users!

  • Blueice
    11th February

    like the app, couple of things I would add…

    1) The ability to add subscribers to your list - (this would be good if you are at an event and want to add people)
    2) Link to the Campaign Monitor blog


  • Ros Hodgekiss
    11th February

    Hi Blueice, cheers for the feedback. At this stage we’re focusing on making campaign reports as easy to access as possible, however we may look towards expanding the scope of the app in the future. Naturally, we’ll let you know in this blog.

    We’ll consider linking to relevant resources if necessary, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the app experience. Thanks again for your suggestions!

  • Dan
    12th February

    Not sure if I’m being completely daft…

    * I can login to the mobile version
    * Can see a list of clients
    * Select a client
    * See a list of their recent campaigns
    * Select a campaign
    * Get sent back to the list of clients??!?

    This is the same on my Android - and if I visit the page in a normal browser.

  • Ros Hodgekiss
    12th February

    Hi Dan, we’ve been trying to replicate this issue. Could you kindly contact our Support Team at support [at] with details regarding your device? We’d like to find out why this is occurring.

  • Hawnemippen
    26th March

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  • Michael Palmer
    27th March

    The mobile interface is brilliant. Saving bookmarks on my phone I can quickly access all the key information about my current email marketing campaigns. Thanks Campaign Monitor!

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