$5 million without lifting a finger

By David Greiner on 13th January 2011

Back in March last year I excitedly posted that we’d passed $3 million in profit automatically earned by our resellers. Yesterday, I had the chance to take a peek at the numbers from December and realized we’d reached another big milestone.

Here’s a chart that breaks it all down by showing the total profit earned by resellers since we launched the ability to set your own prices in 2007.

Campaign Monitor mark-up profit to 2010

While breaking the $5 million barrier is exciting enough, it’s the rate of growth that blew me away. It took us two full years to reach the $1 million mark. The next million took eight months, then five, then four and now a little over three months to break $5 million. In 2010 alone our resellers earned close to $3 million without lifting a finger. 2011 is going to be a big year for you guys.

The best part is, this is just the tip of the income iceberg. It only includes cash automatically earned by marking-up our pricing. Loads of you do your own invoicing, charge for template design and also offer advice and consulting on an ongoing basis, none of which is included in this total.

Another thing I’ve noticed is our monthly pricing is getting extremely popular with resellers. That makes sense. Placing clients on a marked-up monthly plan means much more predictable passive income for you and encourages your clients to stay regular with their newsletters. We’re seeing more and more resellers make the switch each month.

Most importantly for me, this continuing trend shows that offering email marketing to your clients is a powerful side business for lots of you, and a profitable full-time business for many more. In a game where the majority of you get paid for your time, it’s refreshing to see people generate income without lifting a finger, and keep their clients happy in the process. After all, that’s why we built Campaign Monitor in the first place.


  • Wojteksz
    13th January

    Well done. Congrats!!! ;-)

  • Anthony Hook
    14th January

    Well, this is partly because you offer such an awesome tool and partly because we love you! Either way well done!

  • Scott Jacques
    14th January

    Congrats to the CM team!  You guys have done a great job of building of a great business & a product that that is quite amazing.

  • James Lay
    17th January

    so now you can afford to reduce the pricing even further right :P

  • Kym
    19th January

    yeah pricing drop would be good
    losing clients to mailchimp quite a bit now
    cant compete

  • David Greiner
    19th January

    @James and @Kym, just to clarify, this is profit earned by customers who are marking-up our prices to their clients, not the other way around. What this does illustrate though is that there is a huge pile of designers out there that have no problem marking-up our base prices and making a good living off it.

    You’ll also find that in many cases this price increase is offset by the extra value they provide their clients such as advice, template changes and other expertise. Not to mention the fact that they can rebrand the app as their own and keep the experience extremely simple for each client.

  • Dominic
    5th March

    The only way to make it competitive is to add value, however that takes away from the ‘turn-key’ or ‘passive income’ opportunity.  Not much of a passive income tool if there is no difference in your plan versus our plan except for an increased price tag.

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