Time Out, on sending successful newsletters in 4 minutes or less

By Ros Hodgekiss on 19th April 2012

Time Out cover

Long before food bloggers and review sites came into being, there was Time Out, a publishing company that’s spent the last 40 years guiding us on what to do and where to go in the world’s most exciting cities. Given the long-lasting success of their monthly magazines and websites, it wasn’t really a surprise to see their email campaigns kicking some serious goals, too. In our most recent case study, we got together with the Time Out Sydney and Time Out Melbourne teams to find out how email fits into their fast-paced publishing schedule and get a few tips on how to send compelling email newsletters.

“…we can design an email, send a test and schedule it within 4 minutes - no joke!”

If you’ve only dreamed of getting your newsletters out the door in minutes, as well as consistent click rates of 45-50%, then there’s practical advice in here for you. Of course, it always helps to have a team of talented writers and photographers like Time Out does, but even those on a smaller budget than this content powerhouse will find a takeaway or two.

It also goes to show that ‘old’ and ‘new’ media are in no way incompatible. The idea that websites and email are somehow corroding the relevancy of print is at odds with the Time Out approach, which uses email to offer timely updates and bolster the brand in between their monthly magazine editions.

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  • mdenise@custom stickers printing
    20th April

    I have to agree with having a solid team to do the job. There should be sufficient number of people to do the job. When there is a clear system in a workflow, there will be more newsletters sent/job done.

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