An updated email template tag clip for Coda

By Ros Hodgekiss on 3rd July 2012

If you launched straight into Panic's Coda 2 like we did, then one of the first things that probably came to mind after giving it a spin was, 'well, this is swell, but when is someone going to release an updated Coda clip for email templates?'

Thankfully, our support extraordinaire Carissa has amazing psychic abilities and duly whipped together a Coda clip featuring all the goodness the Campaign Monitor email editor has to offer. Featuring all the latest template tags for our email editor, you'll find sweet shortcuts for everything from our social sharing, to RSS-in-email tags. Examples include:

cm-webversion = <webversion>your content here</webversion>

cm-tweet = <tweet via="buzzusborne" recommend="campaignmonitor">
<img src="" />

cm-rsstitle = <rsstitle tocitem />

For installation and usage instructions, check out our download page.
A huge thanks to Carissa for coming to the party on this one. Here's the clip, ready for you to cherish for time eternal:

Download the clip (.zip, 8kb)

If you can suggest any improvements too, be sure to get in touch!

1 Comment

  • Jeffrey Friend
    12th July

    Thanks much! This is good stuff!

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