Campaign Monitor Delivers 1-to-1 Email Marketing for Every Marketer


New behavioral email marketing offering will give marketers the ability to deliver a 1-to-1, personalized email experience to every customer to drive revenue and lifetime value.

San Francisco—October 31, 2017—Campaign Monitor, the leading provider of intelligent email marketing and automation software for growing companies, today announced the launch of Campaign Monitor 1-to-1 Email Marketing. This new offering delivers the critical building blocks that enable any marketer to quickly execute professional, behavioral email marketing strategies to significantly improve the personalization of their communications and ultimately increase the lifetime value of every consumer. Now every marketer will have the ability to own their email marketing strategy from the customer data to the execution-allowing them to test and iterate on more sophisticated tactics that drive more revenue for the business.

Today’s marketer has to be more scientific than ever to meet the demands of their customers’ expectations. Consumers expect brands to know who they are and what they want. To meet these expectations, personalization is a top priority for growing brands to drive customer engagement and increase customer retention. According to a recent study by Experian Marketing Services, personalized email content has been proven to generate six times the transaction rates of non-personalized email content.[1] A recent study from VentureBeat’s posits that personalization based on behavioral data is the most valuable source “because it provides real-time insight into a prospect’s interest and intent.”[2]

To reach that level of personalization in email communications, these brands need access to data about how each customer is engaging with their brands across channels, such as their website or application. However, for the average marketer, accessing and then leveraging that customer behavior is incredibly difficult. Current tools on the market are either too basic and inflexible for the capabilities marketers at growing brands need. And the marketing suites that do are too complex – requiring constant support from a developer to maintain and operate.

“The B2C SMB market has been neglected – easy-to-use, yet powerful email marketing tools should be accessible to brands of any size,” said Andrea Wildt, CMO, Campaign Monitor. “Our goal has always been to help growing brands solve complex problems simply and this new offering will help our customers leverage consumer behavior for truly personalized, 1-to-1 emails that drive engagement, and ultimately revenue and loyalty.”

Campaign Monitor’s 1-to-1 email marketing offering includes key features to bring in customer behavior and then leverage that data to send the right content, to the right customer, at the right time.

Track customer behavior across multiple brand touchpoints: Marketers can now bring in rich behavioral data to integrate customer behavior into their email marketing strategy. This makes engagement data from the most critical channels, such as a website, mobile apps, booking systems, business apps, and even e-commerce platforms, accessible for marketers to develop a highly personalized email strategy.

Create advanced customer segments based on their activity: Leverage customer behavior to create segments specific to how they are engaging with the brand to continuously deliver the most relevant content. These segments are dynamic, so customers can move in and out of these segments based on their most recent activity so marketers are always targeting the right group of people.

Trigger personalized journeys by customer activity: Since behavior from websites, apps, and e-commerce platforms are captured in real time, this activity can trigger automated customer journeys to send the right email at the right time to accelerate conversions.

Create 1-to-1 email content based on each individual’s actions: Now marketers can even use our drag-and-drop email builder to design the perfect email, and with a bit of help from their web developer, configure sections of the email to send highly targeted content that’s unique to each individual customer’s activity.

“With the power of behavioral email marketing, we’re now able to speak to our customers on a more personal level,” said Andrew Walker, Email Marketing Manager, Flight Centre. “The way we segment our customer data and leverage it for dynamic personalized emails has brought us an increase in engagement and ROI.”

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