5 persuasion techniques to help you write email copy that converts

If you send email marketing campaigns, chances are you find yourself writing a lot of copy.

We’ve previously written about a few copywriting formulas to help you out with this, but those formulas aren’t always appropriate for the message of your email campaigns.

So in this post, we’ve presented 5 techniques for making your email copy more persuasive regardless of what type of email marketing campaign you may be sending.

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Use this free Google Analytics dashboard to measure your email marketing

Do you struggle to measure the ROI of your email marketing?

We’ve been spending a bit of time working on reporting internally at Campaign Monitor, and understand it can sometimes be difficult to tie it all together.

So in this post, I want to share with you a free Google Analytics Dashboard you can instantly install in your own account to get a handle on how email is performing for you.

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Increase your click-through rate using these 3 principles of conversion-centered design

There’s a lot that goes into an effective email campaign, and it can be hard to know what you need to do to make your emails convert.

But what if you had a structure that helped you understand the fundamentals of high-converting campaigns and how to optimize your own emails before sending?

In this post, you’ll learn the 3 principles of high-converting email campaigns and see actionable tactics you can use to increase your conversion rates.

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Increase your email click-through rate using this simple copywriting formula

As a marketer, you probably write a lot of copy.

However, it can often be difficult to know what to say, and how to say it, in order to appeal to your audience and get them to click-through.

In this post, you’ll learn a copywriting technique known as the BAB formula that you can use to write better email copy and improve your email click-through rate.

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What Gmail’s new Inbox app means for email marketers

This week, Google introduced a brand new app called Inbox.

It has been billed by the tech press as “the future of Gmail” and has some interesting new features that could change the way people manage their email.

In this post, we’ll show you what Inbox is and the new features and workflows it brings to Gmail users. We’ll also analyse what these new features mean for email marketers and how you can make the most of the new application.

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Use this email campaign checklist to send error-free email marketing campaigns

Have you experienced that moment of dread when you discover an error in your email marketing campaigns?

This is what we like to call “Sendphobia” and it’s something many marketers have experienced. However, by having a rock solid email sign off process in place you can eliminate errors and rid yourself of “Sendphobia” forever.

In this post, we show you how to create a proper email sign off process that is tailored to your organisation and will help ensure you never make an error in your campaigns again.

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Why web push won’t hurt email marketing

Email marketing has always been one of the best ways to reach and convert your audience, but once in a while something new comes along and makes you wonder if the game has changed.

Web push is new, and from the sounds of it, could be a threat to your email marketing. But is it really? Or is it just another tool to use to supplement your current email marketing efforts?

In this post, we’ll show you what web push is, how it works and how marketers like you can use it. We’ll also fight the good fight for our old friend email, and show you why you shouldn’t stop building your email list.

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How CoSchedule improved open rates by systematically A/B testing email subject lines

Are you A/B testing your email subject lines?

If so, you are taking a step in the right direction towards better email marketing results. However, if you are just creating two subject lines at random then you may not be getting the best results.

In this post, we’ll show you how to systematically A/B test your email subject lines to learn what works best for your audience and get better results from your email marketing.

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How to set the order of stacked columns in a responsive email design

Are you finding that images and text aren’t stacking in the order you’d like, say, when creating a two-column design where text and images swap alignment on the desktop, but are ordered consistently on mobile? This technique for responsive email layouts is not only an easy way to control your content flow, but works a charm in pretty much every email client.

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How to create the perfect call to action for your email marketing campaigns

Is your email click-through rate lower than you’d like?

Despite getting the subject line and everything else right, people still aren’t clicking through to your website to learn more or take you up on your offer.

It may be that the call to action (CTA) button you are using in your campaigns is letting you down.

In this post, we take an in-depth look at the pieces that need to come together to create the perfect CTA button for your email campaigns.

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