We love coming across truly innovative and customer-focused email design companies... Especially when they're powered by Campaign Monitor! In this case study with Anna Penrose at MailAway, we'll look into the factors that have made her business a success.

Hi Anna, we're honoured that you built MailAway using our app. What gave you the momentum to rebrand Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor allowed us to cut on support costs, as it's such an easy-to-use application. It has been the perfect option for our business model.On developing the concept of MailAway, we spent a great deal of time researching the options for software both in terms of what we needed and what our clients would desire. We were looking for a clean and simple interface for low-budget clients, with the flexibility to tailor the offering to our clients needs. Campaign Monitor stood head and shoulders above the rest in offering what we required. We've cut back on support costs as it's such an easy-to-use application. Its been the perfect option for our business model.

You've put considerable effort into the MailAway site - could you tell us the story behind that?

MailAway was designed to be something slightly different, somewhere between self service and fully managed email marketing. Although our website is constantly growing and evolving as MailAway does, it was important that it represented our brand values from word go, these being clean and simple yet professional and reliable, communicating the software capabilities. We've also tried hard to be very transparent with our brand and the website has been paramount in doing this. The video demos serve to show prospective clients instantly how easy Campaign Monitor is to use and the pricing structure is simple to understand. We've had constant positive feedback on our website and we're very proud of it!

What kind of clients do you work with, and what have been your biggest challenges when selling email marketing to them?

Our main market is SMEs looking for affordable quality – everyone is looking for the best return on investment. Working in and appealing to a broad range of sectors can sometimes be challenging as many do not understand the basics of email marketing. We do a lot to try to communicate the benefits of using an email service provider rather than, say, Outlook on their desktop. However, once converted, persuading clients to wait patiently for a template to be designed and their account to be set up before they can send can be the biggest problem!

Tell us about some defining moments in MailAway's history. Have there been any breakthroughs or successes that you're particularly proud of?

Offer best practice advice wherever possible - the good things that follow will reflect positively on you.We help all our clients send their first campaign and upload their first batch of subscribers - having such a hands-on approach with our customers means we are always exposed to their positive feedback. The analytics are also very promising, with all our client accounts benefiting from above-average engagement, responsive lists and quality email templates - a reflection of the consistently high level of service we provide. Last month we were voted best designed website by Concrete5, too!

Finally, what's your advice to other designers who are planning to offer email marketing to their clients?

Make sure you know what you're doing first. Ask and listen to what your clients need. Understand that email marketing may be second nature to you but to clients it can be a whole other world. Offer best practice advice wherever possible - the good things that follow will reflect positively on you.

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