We had a brief chat with Cabel, founder of Panic Inc to discuss the importance of keeping customers in the loop with exciting new product launches. And if you're not already aware, Panic make shockingly good software which is used throughout the Campaign Monitor offices!

So, Panic... what do you do?

We make Mac and iOS software, we've been doing it for a while now, and we truly enjoy it.

How do you use email to promote your software?

Our mailing list of over 700,000 addresses — built over 10 years — asks just one thing of us: let us know when you release something new, the second you do it! So, anytime we release something major, we send out a simple e-mail, and immediately drive huge amounts of traffic to our products. People really like to be the first to know, and we really like telling them. In fact, people get grumpy if they hear news from somewhere else first! Speed is of the essence.

Why use Campaign Monitor?

It's clean and easy to use. It's extremely reliable. It takes itself seriously. It does not tolerate spam. And it's such a joy to put into action. Put simply, I design a nice looking mailing, I click a couple of buttons, and I just sit back and watch as a process that used to be very time and labor intensive for us just goes and does its thing, effortlessly.

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