100+ Integrations

Looking to tie in Campaign Monitor with your survey, CRM or blogging software? Our software already integrates with more than 100 of your favorites like Wordpress, Salesforce and Wufoo.

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Powerful API

The Campaign Monitor API makes it easy for developers to add their own layer of awesomeness on top of the Campaign Monitor platform. We also have a strong community of API developers who can help you out if you get stuck!

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Exentrich - @exentrich
Andy Clarke - @malarkey
Anthony Colangelo - @antcolangelo
Liam McKay - @liammckay
Sarah Parmenter - @sazzy
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Webhooks are perfect for keeping your subscribers in sync. Instead of having to poll our API, we'll let you know the instant something happens, like someone joining your list, unsubscribing or changing their email address. See the documentation for more.


Authentication & Security

All calls to our API require authentication via an API key or username and password. HTTPS is fully supported across the API to ensure all requests are encrypted.

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