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GetFeedback - Equinox Survey GetFeedback - Lyft Survey GetFeedback - The North Face GetFeedback - Dropbox Survey
  • Customer satisfaction Gauge customer sentiment and how customers feel about your product or service to get feedback on how to improve.
  • Net promoter score Learn more about how likely your customers are to recommend you to someone else and see who your top promoters are.
  • Post-purchase feedback Get feedback on what customers think of a purchase they’ve made or an experience they’ve had with your product or service.
  • Event follow-up After a customer interaction or event you’ve hosted, send a follow-up survey to hear what worked and what you can improve on.

Add a survey to your email campaign in a few clicks

Drag and drop GetFeedback surveys onto your email campaigns instantly

  • Add surveys to your email campaigns Build a beautiful, branded mobile-ready campaign with our drag-and-drop email builder. Browse through your GetFeedback surveys and add one right onto your email. The results of who opened and responded to your survey are automatically tracked back to the recipient of your campaign.

View survey results in real time

See immediate response results in context of your survey in visually engaging reports.

GetFeedback - Equinox Analytics
  • Track every response As soon as your recipients begin to take your survey, you’ll see the responses immediately in context of the survey for a high-level view of the results. Additionally, you have a detailed report of opens and responses to every question.

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