WooCommerce gives you purchase data and buying history — and that's great intel to use in personalized email campaigns

  • Give first-timers a shout out When someone becomes a customer you can automatically send a welcome email. Consider including a savings on their next purchase to keep them coming back—just like Stumptown did.
  • Reward your best customers Identify your most valuable customers and reward them with special offers so they keep coming back for more — See how YuppieChef customer did it with their “VIP only” emails.
  • Coddle every website signup The moment someone signs up for your online newsletter, shoot them a thank you email with a promotion. It converts these subscribers into paying customers and works well for SmugMug.

Integration is easy with a few simple steps

Point, click and send WooCommerce data to Campaign Monitor without a line of code.

WooCommerce Integration - Send Targeted Email Campaigns

Pre-built segments ready out-of-the-box

Once you’ve completed the simple integration, you’ll be able to use pre-built segments to engage smaller, more targeted, subsets of your customer base, such as VIPs.

Share customer data

WooCommerce stores data automatically, and drops it into your designated email list inside Campaign Monitor. So you know you’re always sending targeted email campaigns to the right person, at the right time.

WooCommerce Integration - Somm Email

Grow your list

Include an email subscription option at checkout, so you can share your info on new products, sales, and promotions long after your customers have left the store.

Build every email campaign with ease

Choose from one of Campaign Monitor’s dozens of mobile-ready templates and drag-and-drop your way to amazingly branded emails even a CMO would love.

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