Managing your Email Subscriber List

Grow your audience

Whether you're starting out fresh or already have a big list,
we give you simple tools to increase the size of your audience.

  1. Subscribe Button

    The easiest way to add an elegant, unobtrusive subscribe form to any page on your site. Just copy and paste the code anywhere you like.

  2. Subscribe Forms

    Use our simple form builder to create signup forms you can add to your site in no time. Customize the entire experience to match your own site design.

  3. Enlist for iPad

    Turn your iPad into a beautiful subscribe form that's perfect for your store counter, an event you're hosting or anywhere people might like to join your list.

List management made easy

We take all the headaches out of managing your subscribers and let you
focus on what matters most - getting to know your audience.

Subscriber Notifications

A beautiful, flexible way to keep up with the people joining your subscriber lists. You've got complete control over what details you'd like to know about and when.

Drag and drop importing

Adding new subscribers is as easy as dropping them on the app, no matter what format they’re in. We'll automatically scan and remove duplicates so you don’t have to.

Subscriber Snapshot

A single page showing every interaction you've ever had with each of your subscribers. See where they're based, which email client they view your emails on and even what they look like.


Target your campaigns like a laser. Send only to the people who opened your last 3 campaigns. Only send to people from a certain country, or who might be interested in a particular topic.

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Facebook Subscribe

Our Facebook Subscribe app makes it easy to drop a signup form right into your Facebook page. We even provide a white label version for our resellers to use with their clients.
Install the app on Facebook
White-label version is also available

Flexibility built in

The goal of Campaign Monitor is to take care of the fiddly stuff and let you focus on what you do best - sending amazing emails.

  1. Preference Centers

    Let your subscribers take control of the information they’ve shared with you. It’s easy for anyone to update their own details and change their subscription.

  2. Custom Fields

    Take email personalisation one step further by storing custom data, such as location, on your subscribers which you can easily insert into your email content.

  3. Auto-list Management

    We’ll automatically handle all new signups, unsubscribes, bounces and even spam complaints without you needing to lift a finger.

With 100+ features, there’s a lot to love. See them all.

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