netmatter, 5 years ago

We've spent some lengthy time investigating CM and it's awesome... however, the last hurdle tripped us up and has now stopped us being able to switch clients from MC -

We send course registrations and users sign up to course dates/locations. These course dates/locations are set up as segments so that we can manage who has subscribed to which date/location.

Not being able to send unique auto responders to course subscribers based on the date/location they have signed up for stops us dead in our tracks.

Clients simply won't accept separate campaigns/lists for each date/location - not today... any news on a date as otherwise CM rocks but is a liner with no engine without this. :-)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks mbhnyc and welcome to the forums! I've certainly recorded your interest and will be sure to let you know if it's something we add in the future. I'd absolutely love to see autoresponders based on segments, too :D

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generousdesignr generousdesignr, 5 years ago

Add my vote to this, we would like to send out autoresponders based on the subscribers language selection. Now we have to use 5 lists for the five different languages, which is a lot more time to maintain.

I would love to here if this feature is near... :)

Thank you,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks Andras, I've added your vote - have an awesome weekend ahead! :D

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murokoma, 5 years ago

+1 from me as well. For a professional email marketing solution, having segment-based responders is a MUST.

kanjigirl, 5 years ago

Adding another vote. I just set up my first service with autoresponders (although I've been using CM for years) and have been stopped in my tracks by the lack of segment-based autoresponses.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Sorry about that, kanjigirl, but a huge thanks for bringing it to our attention. I'll happily add your vote for this and let you know if it's something we add... Hopefully when segments get an overhaul, too :)

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djwhisky, 5 years ago

+1 Bump :)
Would love this for customers so I'd be able to send automated emails x days after an order if it was a customers 1st order and a different one if it was their 2nd order etc.

If we could combine this with dynamic offline content (as per another one of my requests) so that we could then query a web service or website and generate a unique voucher code for the customer if they hadn't ordered for more than y days.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi djwhisky, that's a good one, as is dynamic content. I'll add your votes for these internally, however in the interim, you may want to look at HubSpot's 'email automation' offering, as I think it has set up flows between Campaign Monitor and HubSpot, based on user behaviour.

Absolutely a fan of seeing autoresponders based on segments happening, so I'll keep you posted on this one :)

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ragulka, 5 years ago

I would definetely add my vote to the segment-based autoresponders! We actually would need this feature like, right now!

Super simple online invoicing -
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi ragulka, thank you so much for your interest in this. Just to update everyone, it isn't on our immediate roadmap just yet, but as soon as this changes, i'll be sure to let you all know. Hang tight!

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BraceRosso, 5 years ago

Sad to hear this isn't on the roadmap yet.  People have been talking about ways to leverage autoresponders on CM for a really long time, and controlling them via segment seems like the easiest first step.
Also, it's nice to see the love you're sharing for Hubspot, but are you really sending CM customers there? I am a big fan of marketing automation, but I'd still consider them a competitor, not a partner to you - (Email Mktg is part of their offering).  They don't even list you in their email partner page (although a 3rd party has added CC and MC integrations there): Hubspot Email Partners.  Is there anything beyond the Performable connection from a year and a half ago (before they were purchased by Hubspot) that can connect white label CM accounts with Hubspot?  A Google search didn't turn up much for me.
Sure, their templates might not be as advanced as CM's, but Hubspot offers their own email marketing tool, and offer a whole lot more insight into subscriber/prospect behavior, so I'd be careful about referring people there.  That being said, for anyone considering marketing automation, please consider the other vendors who are growing by leaps and bounds - even if you're a small agency or small/medium sized business.  David Raab has been a leading authority on all things marketing automation for years.  Here's his comparison matrix for the smaller vendors (Aug, 2012): Raab Report on SMB Marketing Automation
I'm waiting to see if CM remains solely an email marketing company (albeit the best at white label), or if they will keep up with the increasing sophistication that other email marketing vendors have been building into their products as marketing automation and email marketing fields continue to overlap and bump into each other.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi BraceRosso, thank you as always for your insightful comments. First of all, segments are an area of our app where there's plenty of room for improvement. If I can be frank, basing autoresponders on segments will likely be high on the list when the time comes for us to revamp our segmentation tools. But please keep the pressure on - we always appreciate reminders like this :)

As for Campaign Monitor's standing with HubSpot, you are correct, they've been fairly quiet about the integration since the Performable acquisition, however you can view some details here. In retrospect, I should have provided a more balanced spread of apps, like Marketo and others that have made a name with behavioural campaigns.

At this time, our focus is on building really great email marketing tools, independent of what's happening in the marketing automation space, or other areas for that matter. There are a lot of apps out there like HubSpot that do many tasks sufficiently - as you mention, their templates are ok - but our goal has always been to provide a best-in-class experience, even if it means narrowing our focus. As you know, there's plenty for us to work on in our own backyard (like a better white-label experience, better segments, dynamic content etc) and we're very much inclined to get these things right before we split our attention between an area we understand well (email) and other disciplines we don't understand so well (online retail, BI etc). One day we may eat our words, but that's how I see things for now :)

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Kris2 Kris2, 5 years ago

Dear Santa,
I've been very good this year. Please can I have auto responders based on segments.


I have been in love with Campaign Monitor since 2012.
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Kris, you are such a delight - I've been enjoying your positivity on the forums! I'll handwrite a little note to Santa (cc'ing our develpment elves) and see what we can do ;) Keep on trucking!

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mediamind, 4 years ago

Hi rosh, please rush this item!
Autoresponders based on language (or even segments) would really be another huge improvement to make your software even more complete!
So please mind the urgency and importancy of this one, and hopefully, introduce it to us in CM's next e-letter ;-)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Absolutely mediamind, I'm on the case. If we have any updates, I'll be sure to pass them on to you via this thread. Thanks for letting us know :D

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Harelpls, 4 years ago

How many votes does a feature need before it becomes a priority for you guys?

Clearly an area CM is lacking at the moment...

jayc jayc, 4 years ago

I've been wondering this too... it doesn't seem like CM have added many major features this year, but hopefully we are in for some surprises. I check the blog regularly hoping that some of the top items on my wishlist have been released, but haven't had much luck yet!

Segment based autoresponders are high on my list. From some of the other comments, it looks like they are planning on releasing this some day as part of a suite of major changes. CM team, could you just simply add this one first, and expand the full 'business automation/intelligence' functionality later down the track?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Harelpls and jayc, thanks for your questions - voting is only one component in how we prioritise development here; a lot of it comes down to what fits in with our overall roadmap. I can understand why it seems that we haven't had any big releases lately, but much of what we've been focusing on lately have been under-the-radar improvements to the app and backend - which while aren't the sorts of things that get lots of attention, do keep things running smoothly from day to day.

Nonetheless, we're very much aware of how important autoresponders based on segments are to many of our customers. Both you and I alike will be celebrating when this comes out! Until then, it's my pleasure to keep the pressure up here and of course, keep you in the loop if it's something we add.

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ovann86, 4 years ago

+1 - really need to see this before we can use segments.

This would allow us to have segments for each topic we'll be communicating, and customising the welcome message for each topic.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Absolutely, ovann86 - we know where you're coming from here. It looks like segments is something we'll be giving a thorough look in the future, so we'll certainly keep you updated here.

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DJibbles, 3 years ago

+1 another vote for segmented autoresponders. We could really use it for our business and it's just a lot cleaner and simpler than making a bunch of lists and categories.

Dave Dave, 3 years ago

Hey guys, just letting you know we're officially hard at work on this feature right now and are hoping to have it in your hands in the next month or so. Thanks so much for your patience, this will be the first step in a long road to make it much easier to better target and automate your email marketing.

jayc jayc, 3 years ago

Excellent, that's great to hear! Thanks for letting us know in advance.

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