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Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could help with.I'm trying to develop a campaign for an event management company. They don't really have the budget to do very advanced API integration stuff, so I'm trying to find them a middle ground.Essentially, we want them to be able to move someone easily from one list to another. Kind of like this:

They will have the following lists:

Initial Enquiry
Visited Venue
Booked Stay at Venue

So, if someone calls in and places an Initial Enquiry, they'll be added to the Initial Enquiry list. If that person that visits the Venue, we want them removed from Initial Enquiry list (so they don't get all of the auto-responders)... and then if they book to the Booked our Venue list.

The only way I can think of doing it now, without API integration, is for them to have little HTML pages for each list on their desktop that they manually enter people into when they move to each stage. After entering someone into a new list, they would then need to manually remove the person from the old list they were in (e.g. if they add someone to Visited Venue, manually remove them from initial enquiry).

That leads me to my second question. The venue is multi purpose. For example, some people might be coming to exercise, others to eat the sort of food that puts the pounds on just by looking at it. Others - both. Each of these examples have specific events. Is it possible to have the RSS in auto responders? And if so, based on what the person clicks on the sign-up form,  e.g.

Exercise - Yes
Food that puts the pounds on - No

Could they get an email, x days before their stay, with details of upcoming events for that category??

There could be LOTS of categories here, so having a list for every possible combination isn't really going to work... but it would be nice to tailor the offers to what they're interested in. (So, the Exercise Bunny can get a 10% discount on a private guide, for example).If that isn't possible, is it possible to have the RSS feed in auto-responders if they are set up on the template?

SO I could break it out like this:

Interested in Exercising???
- Event 1 (link to learn more)
- Event 2 (link to learn more)

Want to eat food that is so good you start putting on weight just by looking at it???
- Event 1 (link to learn more)
- Event 2 (link to learn more)

Hopefully I have explained the above okay. Thank you in advance for any help. (And apologies if it's really apparent when reading this post that I've just had the worlds largest cup of coffee......... !)

JohnP JohnP, 5 years ago

Instead of using multiple lists, you should have everyone in one big list, then use custom fields to separate them into segments. These segments would then act as your multiple lists.

By doing it that way, you don't have to worry about copying or removing people from lists (or duplicates should people be interested in more than one thing), all you'd do is tick/untick the custom field called 'Exercising' for example, adding or removing them from that segment. When you send email to all the 'Exercise Bunnies' you would only send it to all that have the 'Exercise' option ticked.

Kris2 Kris2, 5 years ago

Hi, that's an excellent idea but auto responders work on lists, not segments.

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JD JD, 5 years ago

Hello, and sorry for the delay. We received your support request as well, so I'm hoping I'm understanding the question clear enough. Unfortunately, without an API integration, this would be a very manual process and may give you quite a headache in tracking all the subscribers using local forms to subscribe and unsubscribe. Otherwise, your idea would work for that part. To answer your last question, it looks as though you'll want segments of the Venue lists to receive those feeds based on their data in a custom field. Autoresponders are based on date and do not work with segments. So, you'd want to export those segments and create a list for those categories. Then, since you'll only have field data (not a date), you could simply create a recurring RSS feed campaign with those category events (for that list). It won't be an autoresponder at that point, but an RSS campaign with the topic-related information. As always, if you need further assistance, you can respond to the initial support request and we'll promptly get back to you. Thanks.

Campaign Monitor Support
Kris2 Kris2, 4 years ago

Thanks for responding.

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Kris2 Kris2, 4 years ago

Okay last question (for tonight... heehee). Can you have an RSS feed IN an autoresponder? Here's the idea - x days before the person comes to use the event send them other info (what to pack / directions - and... a 5 day weather forecast!

I have been in love with Campaign Monitor since 2012.
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey Kris, that's a really fabulous idea, but sadly, it's out of our scope right now :P I'll pass on this idea to our team, I'm sure it's something that folks could find useful! If anything comes of it, you'll be the first to know. Thank you!

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Ok, I should mention that one idea may be to link to an image file on your server and have it dynamically refresh with updated weather or packing information on a daily basis. Not a perfect solution, but it might work in the interim!

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