Text version of message totally changed each time I edit HTML version

I create a custom text version for each email that's carefully formatted, and I paste it into the text version editor. Each time I make even a small change in the HTML version, the text version is once again auto-generated, wiping out my custom text. Fortunately, I have the text version in a Word document.

Is there a way to stop CM from auto-generating a new text version each time a change is made to the HTML version?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Wayne B, sorry about this - what you will need to do is add your HTML content via the email editor first, then make your changes to the text version in that order. If you then make more changes to the HTML version, this prompt should appear, but changes should not be automatically made to the text version (unless you click 'Click here to apply the changes automatically', of course).

If you're finding that changes are still being overwritten, by all means get in touch. Best of luck!

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