E-mail Alert on new Sign-up

Hi all!

I'm looking to set-up a new Sign-up widget for a client, and they want to get an e-mail alert every time someone signs up so they can contact them with a personalized e-mail depending on the things they put into the form.

Is it possible to set-up an e-mail alert on new sign-up?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Matt, while we don't have this built in to our service, we're more than happy to recommend services that can be used to send notifications, plus work well with us.

One of these services is Wufoo, which can be used to send both email and SMS notifications when someone fills in one of their forms using Wufoo notifications. They integrate with us nicely, so you can count on the email address/form field data getting added to your list with little fuss.

Our other recommendation is Zapier, which can also send notifications when a new subscriber is added to a list. They have a stable of 130+ apps and services that can respond to events in Campaign Monitor.

The third option is to roll-your-own notification system using our API's webhooks. This is free, but you, or someone you know will need to be a confident coder to set this up.

Thanks, Matt - notifications is something we've considered for a while now, so happy to pass on your feedback here and keep you updated if it's something we add. If you have any questions about the above, be sure to get in touch :)

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