A few API updates for December and an updated Perl API wrapper

We're stoked to be able to announce a few more API updates for you today!

The API now allows you to transfer credits to and from clients in your account.

As well as transferring credits, you can now also get the number of credits allocated to a client when getting a client's details (as part of the billing details included). You can also find out the number of credits in your account, by getting your account billing details.

We've also given you more detail in the campaign data returned when getting drafts, scheduled, and sent campaigns, including the from name, from email, reply to email, as well as a link to the text only version of each campaign.

As usual, we've updated our API wrappers to support these new features. And we're also happy to announce that we've updated the Perl API wrapper originally written by Jeffery Candiloro, to support all the current functionality of the Campaign Monitor API.

We hope these updates help you build better integrations with Campaign Monitor, and if you ever have an API-related question for us, please let us know in the API Developers forum.

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