jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hey Stephanie,

Just letting you know that you can achieve this by using the current User.GetApiKey API method using the client login details and then using the client's API key. The ability to make API calls using a client level API key seems to be something not too many people are aware of.

You would then call User.GetClients with a client API key, which will give you just the client who's making the call, not all the designer's clients. You can then use this client's ID to add templates.

trexart, 7 years ago

Oh wow, great, nevermind then. I didn't realize that.



danailon, 7 years ago

Hi guys,

I need something like "Campaign.GetSents" in order to have the list of all the recipients target of a specific campaign. I know that's possible to download this list in the admin section (long and boring task) but I need it programmatically.

Since I interact with your (amazing) customer care on twitter I can detail my requirements.

Using your api  I can get who opened Campaign.GetOpens, bounced Campaign.GetBounces and so on ... but I need to retrieve recipients target of a past campaign.

Campain.getlists tell me which lists were sent to but unfortunately retrieves list of recipients as is today I need the lists as they were at the sent date.

I need this to develop CRM bridge and to design email marketing metrics tailored on individual reactivity.

Happy to work with you

My best

Mark709, 7 years ago

I agree with Ktehrani's comments of 2 months ago.
I intend to re-brand CM and am having difficulties finding out just how to create a DEFAULT TEMPLATE that would apply to ALL NEW CLIENTS that I INTRODUCE to CM.
Your emailing system looks wonderful but I believe "your accounting skills lack" (speaking as an experienced Accountant who lectured and taught and wrote speciallized issues for Aust and overseas including GST and VAT etc - now move to Hong Kong where we have no issues like that).

If you are still designing your API - I am happy to help review spec, test and give advice.

Initial comments
Re-sellers (once they agree to be re-sellers) should be able to create some defaults
(that is base amounts for CM to charge ALL their introduced clients (this determines job profits).
(these rates are available for immediate inspection by each potential NEW clients when they sign up)
(Remember some of us have clients all over the World - so there can be many variations).
1. Most important get the potential client to submit their contact details
2. Auto-respond "thank you" with recommendation to sign-in and review advantages of using Re-seller's CM system
3.Potential Clients creates own Sign-in code and Password
4.Potential Client ...looks around and is impressed at the good work done by Re-seller (really CM) and is encouraged to ACTION by completing basic details (optional before a Campaign is commenced).
These "basic details" cover issues like potential emails per month/campaign etc so future business potential could be assessed, their Country for invoice taxation purposes - is there a tax added obligation - if so - what is the add-on rate (so here the ONUS is passed to the CLIENT to disclose - and CM "White Label" Terms contain a DISCLOSED OBLIGATION FOR THE CLIENT TO PAY ANY ADDITIONAL IMPOSED TAX).
5. CM sends an email to the Reseller informing of the new client - if Reseller wishes can alter charges to create a new charge based on potential business volumes or else just leave pre-set charges stand unaltered.
I could go on but maybe I am too late with this advice or else you have already designed such an API (and hidden it somewhere so I cannot find it).
Your comments welcomed - because this is just what I need - DOES AN API LIKE THIS EXIST?

andjules, 7 years ago

I realize this is an old thread but...

- as per Danailon's post above, a campaign-recipients call is critical for me, and I think should be for any end-client who has legal compliance regulations. My clients are in the financial industry and have pretty stringent email archival rules (as would clients in the legal industry, etc.), so we need to trace exactly who was sent any given email. campaign.getList and getSubscribers can only connect me to the list that was used, not the state of subscriptions at the time of send (nor the segment of the list used).

- I agree that tying API IDs to UI IDs (for lists, campaigns, etc.) would be very helpful

- not exactly part of the RESTful API, but myself and others have asked that webhooks/callbacks (you ping our server on events in client UI - e.g. when a client creates a list or sends an campaign, please ping my server) be implemented. It would be nice to set callbacks via the API.

Alex D, 7 years ago

A good PHP wrapper! :-)

Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions
jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hey Alex, that's definitely in the works. :)

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey API developers, you might like to read the recent blog post announcing the new version of our API. Enjoy!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago
ktehrani :

It would be ideal for those of us who are re-branding CM to be able to create a default account with some templates ready to go...

Hi ktehrani, have you taken a look at the Campaign Press plugin for WordPress? The ability to automatically add default templates should be available in their next update.

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weph, 6 years ago


I would love to see this (http://i3.campaignmonitor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=16196) in the new version (post from sspitzer, answered by Phil) - or in my own words "updating user details of an inactive subscriber".


Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi weph,

Thanks for your feedback, i've added your vote the count.

davidh, 6 years ago

We have now added the ability to edit an existing subscriber, including email address and unsubscribed ones: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/api/subscribers/#updating_a_subscriber

teerock, 6 years ago

The ability to add credits to a customer account. Now that would be cool.

Keep up the great work.

jamesd jamesd, 4 years ago

Hey all,

Just a quick note to let you know that we've recently added the ability to get the number of credits in your account, the number of credits belonging to a client, and the ability to transfer credits to/from clients using the API.

For the announcement of all today's updates, please see the API Announcements forum.

Hope that's helpful.

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