Error: Invalid ListID(101)

Hi, I try add Subscriber.  I do

        $list_id = 'D8A0D4DB2A2CB75B';
        $cm = new CampaignMonitor( $api_key, $client_id, $campaign_id, $list_id );
        $result = $cm->subscriberAdd($email, 'New Guy');

and as result

array ( 'Result' => array ( 'Code' => '101', 'Message' => 'Invalid ListID', ), )

List ID I took from the url ``. Should I use some another list ID?

Stig Stig, 2 years ago

Hi legf,

Yes, sorry about the confusion - the correct List ID to use is hidden behind the "change name/type" link here.

You can also grab it via this API method.

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