Forward to a Friend: can non-subscribers use CM's page?

Hi all,

Let's say I use the nice Forward to a Friend (FtaF) tag in my CampaignMonitor (CM) email. What happens when my subscriber ("Recipient One") forwards that email to a friend ("Recipient Two") who isn't on my list or isn't a subscriber to any CM lists? Can Recipient Two see the CM FtaF tag, and click it to use the dedicated FtaF page to forward the email again? Will all recipients down the line be able to see and use CM's FtaF scheme, or only the "first recipients" who are subscribed on my list?

Thank you,

jeremyhr jeremyhr, 4 years ago

And what about the sharing tags (Facebook, Twitter): will all forward recipients, not just subscribers on my list, be able to use the CM tags/process?
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Jeremy, the tricky thing here is that if a subscriber hits forward on their email and sends it to someone else, that person will be able to unsubscribe, use the FtaF link and more, as if they were that initial subscriber.

Same goes for sharing tags and links - these will remain valid when the email is manually forwarded around.

For these reasons, we encourage that subscribers use the FtaF link to share an email campaign, as this will allow a copy of the campaign to be sent, without the subscriber-specific personalization. There isn't a way to disable these links after the email arrives in the inbox, I'm sorry to say.

Thanks Jeremy - if there's anything I can elaborate on, be sure to let us know :)

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Phil Phil, 4 years ago

Hi Jeremy,

Let's say that Recipient One clicks the CampMon FTAF button, and forwards the email to Forward One and Forward Two, neither of whom are in your subscriber list.

Forward One then likes what they see, and thinks "beaut, i'm going to share this too". They can Tweet it, use the fblike tag, click the FTAF button themselves. All will work perfectly, and any beneficiaries of those forwards can do likewise. Rinse and repeat until infinity :)

Phil Phil, 4 years ago

By the way, it occurs to me to say that questions like this are often most promptly and accurately answered by doing a little live test.

Even in PAYG accounts, emails to < 6 people are completely free, and are fully functional. You can send them, click on their links, tweet them, like them on facebook, forward to a friend, whatever. All will work and be correctly tracked. And then when you're done experimenting you can delete the report to keep the account clean.

And don't worry, you're not alone. When someone asks a question about some of the edge cases for using CM, we often have to remind ourselves by doing a similar test :)

jeremyhr jeremyhr, 4 years ago

Thank you both; Phil's answer was the main thing was wondering (so yes, all recipients down the line can use, and receive the benefits of, CM's tags and pages). But Rosanne's answer has an important point about manual forwards that I hadn't realized. I don't want to disable the links; thank you for helping me understand them better.

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