Coder/Developer wanted.

Looking for experienced coder/developer.

I'm a designer that can do basic coding but I need someone who knows the in's and out's of coding campaigns to get the best possible result for all the different email apps and devices.

Basically I will create a PSD design and ask you to code it up. Knowledge of campaing monitor is of course essential.

I prefer someone who is based in Australia and is a full time freelancer. Sorry no part timers or after hours workers. Reliability is a must as well as good clean coding work.

Please leave a contact below and i'll be in touch.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hey there Dan, thanks for piping up here! Do you have a site, or samples of work that we can look at? That would be a big help :)

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dano, 2 years ago

I'd actually prefer to keep my business name private on these forums. Happy to divulge off-site.

chrisknox chrisknox, 2 years ago

Hi Dano,

I've done a lot of html email coding and have a specific focus on Campaign Monitor.
I'm not based in Australia, but I'm very available and have several clients that work in different time zones.

Apologies for the late response - if you are still looking for someone, we should have a chat.  :)


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dano, 2 years ago

Thanks Chris. Bookmarked your site.

juanrojodesign juanrojodesign, 2 years ago

Hello Dano,

Just like Chris, I'm not based in Australia, but I've done plenty of template coding using Campaign Monitor's markup language. You can even check out a template I've developed on my website.


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