alienweb, 7 years ago

Name: Nick Deeley (Alien Web)
Location: Lichfield, England, UK
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: I'm a freelance Web Designer and Developer, with fair amount of experience and knowledge about email campaigns and newsletters. Happy to help with whatever problems you have.

twobelowzero, 7 years ago

Name: Gerald Glover
Location: Lancing, England
Email: studio[at]
Short Bio: We are a small creative agency that designs & builds websites. We are experts in e-commerce, content management, marketing and branding.

oddhill, 7 years ago

Website: Odd Hill

We specialize in making stunning newsletters that actually work in email clients.

iamelliot iamelliot, 7 years ago

I'm Elliot Ross - I've produced creative projects at some of the top email marketing agencies for FTSE and Fortune 500 companies, charities and government organisations. I also blog regularly about creative design and build best practice, and have over 10 years in the field - let's talk about your project today!

more about my work Elliot Ross Creative Design
services best practice email marketing design and HTML builds, creative consultancy and reviews of your current campaigns
location London, UK (but we work with clients worldwide)
email hello [at]
twitter @iamelliot

HTML Email Design and Build -
Email Marketing Design Blog -
redtidemarketing, 6 years ago

Name: Joshua Minson
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Email: sales [at]
Short Bio: We are a cutting edge internet marketing company specializing in web design, social media and mobile media marketing. We help you manage your online vision while you manage your business.

nikiobicata, 6 years ago

Name: Siko MIko
Location: Tampa, USA
Email: sikomplus [at]

<a href="">Job Finder</a>
edouble, 6 years ago

Name: Threshold
Location: Portland, Oregon
Email: sayhey [at]
Website: Threshold Web Design + Development
Short Bio: We're a strategic Portland, Oregon based web design and development agency. Our mission is simple: communicate your message using outstanding design and deliver it to your audience in the most efficient and effective way possible.  Sometimes that means using email marketing, and we created stunning email designs.  Feel free to contact us to view samples of our work!

oneblackcrayon oneblackcrayon, 6 years ago

Name: Frederick Polk
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Email: frederick [at]
Short Bio: A friendly email designer that works great with PSDs and duplicating websites to email. I have worked in email design for more than three years have spent countless hours inside of email clients. I can help you get your email campaign up and running. If you need extended email marketing help, I can get you to the right people as well.

Full disclosure: I work full time as a email designer for

talknmime talknmime, 6 years ago

Name: Adam Gruber
Location: New Jersey, USA
Email: talknmime [at]

An Art Director who can see in code. A Developer with a designer's eye. A hybrid of sorts, I have a passion for great creative and clean semantic code. With lots of experience designing and coding emails I can help make sure your next campaign is executed flawlessly and met with great results.

vectorlyme, 6 years ago

Name: Kevin Buckstiegel
Location: Chicago, IL
Email: vectorlyme [at] gmail dot com
Short Bio: Freelance / Contract graphic and web designer. Creating website since 1996 and have been doing a lot of email template work, as well as, knowing my way around inside all current email service providers such as Campaign Monitor.

redspark, 6 years ago

Name: Dhruv
Location: Vadodara, INDIA
Email: info [at]
Short Bio for Redspark: We at Redspark have a breadth of experience in working with email marketing as a standalone platform, and also have expertise with other major email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, mailchaimp, Iconnect, Campaign Monitor, Vertical response, Message maker, infusionsoft and numerous others to setup and deliver your campaign if you use one of these services as your email sending platform. We have designed and integrated email newsletters for all of the platform given above.

We are more than a one-size-fits-all marketing group. Our team is ready to embrace your mission and serve as partners in growing your business through abundant creative solutions!

Thank You

Thank You,

Redspark Technologies Pvt Ltd, INDIA Visit us at
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Just moving this one to the top for 2012! Designers, add your details here :D

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
psd2email, 5 years ago

Name: Mike
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Short Bio: Designer and Developer - very experienced in very high quality custom email template design and coding.

reneerussellmedia, 5 years ago

Name: Scott Lehmann
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Email: info [at]
Short Bio: Renee Russell Media is a full service design and web solutions firm based in  Brisbane, Australia. We help our clients increase their revenue and elevate their market presence

ramudu#12$, 5 years ago

Name: Balachandra
Location: Hyderabad, India
Short Bio: I have 16 years of exp. in Graphics & Web technologies/Email development.
Also have teams working for on projects with PHP/.Net and Java.

Below are some key things about the work in brief:

1) Quality work by well experienced team.
2) Making Cross browser compatible websites / email creatives (news letters) / etc.
3) Handles dynamic projects with PHP/.Net & Java along with all major RDBMS.
4) Specialist in making websites using CMS like Joomla, Wordpress & Drupal & similar.
5) Services to assist US teams to gain time by working along / as well as late hours of US times.
6) Timely Updates and responses
7) Good quality work at low price.

B Balachandra Reddy

Name: Steve
Location: Cheltenham, UK and Reading, UK
Email: steven [dot] eyre [at] crmlabs [dot] co [dot] uk
Short Bio: A small team who have been building and managing email campaigns since 2005.We can provide a fully outsourced email design and/or email build and/or email launch and report service. We also have in-house web services to provide landing pages, etc. We work for both small local businesses to national and global brands.

Ballyhoo LTD, 5 years ago

Name: Ballyhoo ltd
Location: UK
Description: Ballyhoo Ltd is an established web design and development organisation specialising in e-commerce. We currently mange a variety of successful email campaigns for a range of clients.

lapiz, 5 years ago

Name: Lapiz Design, Inc.
Location: Orlando, Florida
Email: email [at]
Short Bio: We are creative entrepreneurs with lots of great ideas. We invent, we develop, we design, but most importantly we strive to make the difference and provide real results to our clients. With over 10 years of experience in email design and coding,  we are here to help get your email campaigns out the door.

spurline, 5 years ago
Name: Spurline Internet Services LLP.
Location: Goa, India
Email: gurpreet [at]
Short Bio: A small but effective team of web specialists with a ton of experience and an eye for clean functional design. We design for all devices and hand-code to perfection. We test all our work like maniacs before delivering.

danielando, 5 years ago

Name: Daniel Anderson
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Short Bio: G'day I'm a Front-End Developer in Melbourne Australia with a passion for mobile and mobile first responsive development. Get your email to display correctly on mobile.

joelwarren, 5 years ago

Name: Joel Warren / Wiild Interactive
Location: Sydney, Australia
Short Bio: Wiild is an emerging digital agency focused working with you to improve the digital side of your business through creativity and innovation

juanrojodesign juanrojodesign, 4 years ago

Name: Juan Rojo
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Email: juan[at]
Short Bio: I have been been designing and coding emails for a decade for various employers. Now on my own,  Juan Rojo Design offers end-to-end email marketing services to small and mid-size businesses that just want to concentrate on their core business.

Email design
Campaign Monitor coding
Helping small and mid-size businesses maximize their marketing budgets.
Benjmin, 4 years ago

Are you Looking for designer ? Our dedicated team of website designers, developers and promotion experts build beautiful websites, create innovative animations and illustrations, and co-ordinate effective online marketing strategies that can boost any corporate identity.

charlotteswebstudios, 4 years ago

Name: Charlotte's Web Studios
Location: Vienna Virginia
Email: support [at]
Short Bio: We are a full service design & development studio and offer a complete range of web design and development services. 

Custom Web Design

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

Name: John
Location: Orlando, FL
Email: john @ (the below url)
Short Bio: Dzyn Creative specializes in helping small businesses take their branding to the next level.

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