People have viewing issues (blank) on ios devices

I'm using the exact same setup & code as my counterpart, and some of the people in my data lists have been replying to my emails saying that their emails are blank.  It shows the subject line, but the email is just all white.  There is always text in the emails, and always a text version of the emails.  I've been keeping a log of information the guests have been graciously giving me.  The consistency seems to be viewing my emails on IOS6 iphones, ipads, and I even had some say on their imacs.  Any ideas of what could be wrong with my email? Or if it's a setting on these devices, thoughts on how to have them fix it?

Thank you for any help/suggestions.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi kateebo, I personally haven't come across an issue like this before, so I suspect there may be something unique happening in your code. Would it be possible for you to post it here? Alternately, please contact our team with campaign details and we'll gladly take a look at what the cause may be.

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