Adding PayPal buttons to e-newsletters

I added PayPal BUY NOW button code to an e-newsletter using the source view without a problem. After testing I see that the Preview shows the buttons fine, and the links work. But when I sent a test to myself the buttons are replaced with default system buttons that have scrambled text in them and they do not reach the URL to PayPal. Thinking this might be a issue with the Test email, I proceeded to release the e-newsletter to my list, which included myself. Much to my disappointment, the same garbled text and default buttons appear in the final version.

Is there any way to incorporate a PayPal button into a Campaign Monitor e-newsletter?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey there cagro, PayPal seems to provide 'Link for Emails' code when generating Buy Now buttons - is this what you've been using? If not, I'd recommend looking into generating this in your PayPal account.

They also provide a code snippet which contains <form> tags, which won't work in email, I'm sorry to say.

If still no luck here, feel free to post your code in this thread. Alternately, if you kindly contact our team, we'll happily look into what's happening and suggest fixes. Thanks, cagro! Best of luck :)

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