thecomputernerd, 3 years ago

Also the vml images dont load if you put multiple of them in one email. (Very Glitchy)

JohnP JohnP, 3 years ago

If you are looking for an alternate to VML, use this method

This will work for the whole email only - not an individual element. This works in Outlook 2010 and is how we used to do it before Stig discovered the magic of VML. ;)

Sorry if this technique has been covered earlier in the thread - I just skimmed through.

CourtFantinato, 3 years ago

I have had no issues with getting a repeating Body background working in Outlook - VML really isn't needed IMO. You need three pieces:

- The background="background.jpg" attribute on your 100% width table for - no, it's not valid, but it works!
- Background CSS styles on your 100% width table for Yahoo.
- Background CSS styles on the Body for everything else.

This covers most major email clients, but should still be thoroughly tested.

The only issue is you can NOT use a solid colour fallback (by either using CSS background-color or attribute bgcolor) on the 100% width table as Outlook 07+ will use it, covering the background styles on the Body. You can have a colour fallback with the Body styles though.

As for a background on a single TD, using the Background attribute and CSS background styles on the TD itself does work for most major email clients except Outlook 07+. So I could see the VML potentially being useful there, though the drawback with VML is the images have to already be hosted.

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