Get existing Template IDs

I might miss something in the api  but how can I get an existing template id? I want to create a campaign based on a template which already exist. the template get rest call always requires a Template Id which is fine I guess but where do I get the ID from. I tried to use the IDs used on the CM frontend page but those don't seem to be the ones I need. Of cause I could create a new Template  which would return me the templateId but I thing there should be a way to retrieve all template IDs in a list.  Maybe its just too simple and I am not seeing the forrest due too many trees. I would be very happy if someone could give me hint. Thanks  in advance

teejay_hh, 3 years ago

never mind, I found it its attached to the the client api. :) Makes sense :)

loyke, 3 years ago

Could you elaborate a bit please.
I'm also looking for this templateID in order to reuse an already existing template but so far I haven't been able to find it.


Phil Phil, 3 years ago

Hi loyke,

All of the templates (along with their IDs) belonging to a client can be extracted through the API:

Whichever client library you use will have a wrapper method for this endpoint.

Hope that helps :)

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