How to send a campaign to a specific segment

Hello, I would like to send a campaign via the api. Using the api I have created a new list, segment and campaign. lets imagine that I use this campaign to notify my users of events happening on our page. There is a user base to start with so an email goes out to all base users. But while time passes new users join the list and I would like to send out the same campaign to the newly created users. Do I now need to create a new campaign or can I just add a segment to the list and resend the campaign to the segment. Later doesnt seem to be supported via the api. Am I right ?

Its seems that I have to create a new campaign and add the segment I want to send the edm to every time I send the campaign. Does that make sense ? Would be awesome if someone could clarify that.

Thanks in advance

teejay_hh, 3 years ago
Ken :

Sorry, but there isn't an API method that has the same function as the Edit and Resend function that's in the web application.

However, if your campaign content is the same, and you can host it somewhere, then you should be able to use the 'Creating a draft campaign method' ( to create your campaign every week, then use the 'Sending a draft campaign method' to send it (

I hope that helps! Feel free to get back to us if you have any other problems or questions.

This just destroys all my efforts of using the api. It feels strange why this feature is missing as this is a common way users interact with the Frontend so it should be supported via the api. That is such a shame because the api is amazing for doing all the rest.

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