Changes not saving

Hi there,

I have been having an issue for a while after I put together an email newsletter using one of my templates. In “Edit” mode, I see all my content, but then when I click on “Preview”, all the recent changes/additions are gone. If I click “Make more changes”, my content is back again, but there is no way to save this. It is gone again when I click on “Preview”.

The only option is to click “I’m done, return to snapshot” from the Preview screen, and then I’ve lost my changes.

I'm using Google Chrome, latest version.



stuartbuchanan, 3 years ago

Hi Heather

I have this same issue regularly, and the reason is (in part) described here by the CM team.

The problem seems to be that if you have any kind of dropout or loss to your connection during the editing process, any changes made do not get saved (even if your connection comes back up). 

As someone who travels regularly, and uses my phone for connectivity, this is a continuing problem - compared to a platform such as Wordpress which saves your changes locally in the browser until a connection can be re-established.  I hope CM can implement a similar solution soon as it's an ongoing source of frustration.

CampaignRose CampaignRose, 1 year ago

It's frustrating for people to lose a half day of work. Several times this year I have had to tell a customer that they are going to have to start-over. Quite a few software apps that I use for other tasks warn me if I have lost connectivity. I hope Campaign Monitor can implement a solution to this and not leave it to stew for another 2 years.

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