Bulletproof buttons duplicating when forwarded from Outlook

I just used a bulletproof button for the first time. My client noticed that when they forward the email from Outlook, the button shows up twice - once formatted properly and once without the background image. See screenshot: http://webnicki.com/email-button-problem.jpg
It doesn't happen with any other email client I've tried, only Outlook.

Has anyone encountered this? Any idea what to do about it?

I know, we want people to use FORWARDTOAFRIEND instead, but they're going to forward directly anyway!

jonnocohen, 3 years ago

I've just had a similar issue, but with the original mail, not a forwarded one.

What I discovered was when I ran the email through a CSS inliner, both CM's own at inliner.cm or Email on Acid's one, is that they stripped out the CSS property


from the link for the button (the one that appears just after


). As far as I can tell, that property targets Outlook and hides the element - the second button in this case - while the first one isn't rendered by other clients because it appears inside an Outlook-targeting comment so that only Outlook renders it.

When I added that property back in, the email rendered fine, with just the one button - the nicely styled one - showing up in Outlook. Maybe Outlook itself is stripping out the mso-hide property when it forwards the email? If that's the case, my guess is there won't be an easy fix, and you'll have to choose a compromise, whether it's having two buttons when it's forwarded from Outlook, using simple, ugly, unstyled buttons, or using images for your buttons.

ccarnes, 3 years ago

I know this isn't the answer, but I have worked around the issue by unchecking border color.

I'm no expert on MS conditionals, but I want to say it has something to do with the code that's output since the placement of the closing </v:roundrect> is different when toggling the border color checkbox — it appears either midway through the code (border color on), or near the end (border color off).

thomaus, 3 years ago

I found that instead of relying on the style tag: mso-hide:all; to work, I added:
<![if !mso]>
<a regular button formatting>SUBMIT</a>

I could then get forwards to work within Outlook without doubling up the button.

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