Rounded corners

I notice some of the new CM templates have rounded corners.
I'd like to be able to have rounded corners on some of my own templates but cannot work out how to do it.
I searched on the web and it said you have to do a load of stuff with inserting images on each corner to make the table look rounded.
However when looking at the source code in your templates it just seems to be a normal table - but rounded!
Any ideas?

zapatoche, 8 years ago

I would assume that the images contain the rounded corner, 8 years ago
zapatoche :

I would assume that the images contain the rounded corner

Yes the top image in this template does have rounded corners on the image at the top but the grey box at the bottom does not seem to be an image although it has rounded corners.

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Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Julian,

In the template in question there is a background image producing the rounded corners.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
zapatoche, 8 years ago

There is a link to an external css file
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="screen.css">

linking to this:

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