Personalization Tags, Html, frustration!

I am the graphic designer at an ad agency that just adopted Campaign Monitor as it's email blast tool. I am trying to prepare a blast with several personalization tags. I am using Dreamweaver to create the blast. I'm not all that familiar with html, but I looked up how to add the tags on this website. All of my test emails (to my gmail) have been unsuccessful in importing the personal information. Maybe I am using the incorrect code?

This is what my text has been looking like:

Contact & Billing Info on File:

[Company, fallback=]
[fullname, fallback=]
[Address, fallback=]
[Address2, fallback=]
[City, fallback=], [State, fallback=] [ZipCode, fallback=]
[Phone, fallback=]
[Fax, fallback=]
[email]I have tried it various ways including [Company, fallback=customer] and [Company,fallback=customer].
The only tag that is working right now is the email.

I would really appreciate any assistance.

PFG, 9 years ago

Hello Todd

I am using

<p>Hello [fullname,fallback=]</p>

and it works for me.

Sorry if this is obvious, have you set up the Personalisation Tags for Custom Fields in the Manage Subscribers section?

Lewes, UK
Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Todd,

So it's showing the tag? There are a couple of causes of this. First, the tag might have some other code around it, look in your HTML source and ensure just the tag is there with no spans or anything in it. Secondly, make sure the list you're testing with has those custom fields. So if you have a subscriber list with those fields set up make sure that's the list defined in the campaign before sending a test.

If it's still not working feel free to send an email into support and we can take a look at your code.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
todd.mcgreevy, 9 years ago

I finally got it! The problem was that I didn't have the subscriber list selected. I was only sending it to manually entered recipients. Thanks much to all.

Jop Jop, 7 years ago

Hello everybody, this thing got us frustrated for an hour or so, we made exactly the same mistake. The solution was identical: manually entered recipient selected instead of the imported list with dynamic text fields. Is there a possibility that CM warns you if you use custom fields in your email, whilst testing/emailing to a manually entered recipient? Cheers!

Verstuur zelf uw e-mail nieuwsbrieven
Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion Jop, we'll keep that in mind for the future. The fallback term is what you would want to use though, since if you are seeing the fallback term in the email it means

a) The personalisation tag is working and
b) The subscriber does not have a firstname or name set (or whichever field you used)

That would give you a good idea of where the problem is too.

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