Create new campaign using API

As far as I understand this not possible to create a new campaign using the API. Are you planning to implement something like this in the future?

I was thinking of a way to send through the API some campaign/template that was created on the website. So, for instance I have a newsletter for a client saved on the site and from a webpage I can send the specific newsletter without accessing the web interface.

Are you planning something like that or something similar?

Thank you,

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Dimitris,

This is something we do get a few requests for. At the moment it is not in our development schedule, but it is certainly something we will consider for the future.

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aognenoff, 9 years ago

I'll add a vote for this because it would allow us to write our own apps to send triggered, time-based messages without you having to write some complex piece of functionality to try to meet everyone's needs. 

Allowing the sending of campaigns through the API opens up a whole new world of possibilities...although, you might find people using that to send to an individual, thus circumventing your "less than 5 recipients are free" pricing structure which would suck unfortunately.

tommasop, 9 years ago

I'm also adding a vote for this! You have a very interesting API but I would need to make also this step automatic instead of doing it manually.
Please ;)

liquidmagic, 9 years ago

@aognenoff: I don't think that someone will use the API to just send an email to a single recipient. However, it would make my life (and others) much easier on sending an email campaign without accessing the interface (by using a web-based administration / CMS platform).

I am adding more than one vote for this!


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Cheers Dimitris, keep it coming guys - we're listening.

seanr, 9 years ago

We'd love a feature like this also!

At the moment We have to use the webserver to send many messages composed within CMS without the benefits of CM's whitelisting etc.

We would love to be able to use the API to upload HTML, Plain Text, initiate a test message for preview, choose the list(s) to use and then schedule. We get to keep the client within our CMS, but get the benefits of the CM sending engine and reporting, and CM still get paid!

Please let us know the how high this request is on your list!



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks Sean,

We do record all the requests, and I can tell you that it is a pretty popular one (although that's obviously not the only determining factor as to whether something gets added or not).

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Stig Stig, 9 years ago

What do you think is more likely to be added - create campaign with API or recurring campaigns with dynamic recipient lists and contents?

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tshannon tshannon, 9 years ago

another vote here! Enabling our clients to send their own mailouts is pretty critical to us. We offer a solution that integrates with our CMS, allows them to construct the newsletter using content from the CMS within a template and then send it. We don't want to be sending mass mailouts from our webserver, we really really want to use campaign monitor! Please do something about this obstacle that's stopping us from giving you large amounts of money!

On a more tech note, a credit system would be ideal for API sending. We would buy a few hundred $ in credits from you then they would be used up by our clients using the API, you could send an email warning when the credits are getting low. We can then handle billing our clients however we want. You could remove the option to send a free email to under 5 people to stop abuse. You should also secure the api with signatures, a simple shared secret with an MD5 hash would be enough, look at flickr for an example of how that works.

ps. great product! :)

MRoderick, 9 years ago

We would love this feature to be added as well ... actually, we were quite surprised to find this feature missing, when doing initial investigation on a client project.

Clearly there is a lot of work thinking of a solution to abuse issues, but I am sure you'll find a good solution to this.

Alex D, 9 years ago

I came on these formums today looking for info on exactly this subject, and am happy to see that this seems to be the most requested feature in all the threads...

Unfortunately  Mathew's original comment: "At the moment it is not in our development schedule, but it is certainly something we will consider for the future." was repeated by my email to support yesterday, (by Mathew again) "we do sometimes get asked about it, and we track the feedback but at the moment it is not in the short term plans"

In a few other threads, there where some indications that this was indeed on the road map.. Can some one clarify if this is or is not planned???


Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions
Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Alex,

There's not much to clarify really - other threads have pretty much said the same thing: It's something we are definitely planning to do for Campaign Monitor at some point, but not necessarily immediately.

You were actually asking about MailBuild in other places, which is a separate product and has its own set of plans and priorities. We do not have plans for campaigns via the API in MailBuild at this stage.

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Alex D, 9 years ago

Mathew, thanks for the clarification. My interests are mainly in CM not MB, I had just asked/commented in the wrong thread, and didnt make myself clear.

I have been using CM a lot in the last month, and am loving it so far. I am working at integrating CM into my CMS and have high hopes for integrating the ability to send campaigns VIA the API in the near future.. It would be great if you guys could hint at what level of functionality you would be adding, and a rough time frame.


Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions
verdant, 9 years ago

Add another vote from me.
Being able to create and manage campaigns is essential for us. It would be great to know time frame and functionality so we can consider CM as a solution.

jaladesign, 9 years ago

Would it be possible to allow clients to manage their own database subscribers through the client reporting section?

At the moment if there is an update to the database I need to login and update manually for the client.

Regards Jarrad

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Jarrad, you could just setup your client with a subscribe form and an unsubscribe form right now - would that work?

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jaladesign, 9 years ago

That would work, but the client wouldnt be able to modify existing subscribers? It would be good if they could change email address, unsubscribe and add all though the one backend.

Tenrec, 6 years ago

I vote for creating campaigns through the API. Since it isn't possible to send recurring campaigns, it is really a drag for our client to send out the 3 daily bond market updates and 1 weekly summary. It is an inconvenience they do not hesitate to share with us.

Tenrec, 6 years ago

Since I didn't look to see how active this thread is, I feel kind of foolish for posting on something that hasn't been updated for 3 years. But I have to assume, since I didn't find other threads that address this, that this is still an open question and functionality that hasn't been added. Correct?

tobyb tobyb, 6 years ago

Hey Tenrec,

The functionality to create and send has been available for quite a while now. The documentation is always the best place to check if a certain function is made available via the API, however we usually update related forum topics when a piece of functionality is added, so apologies for missing this one.

Tenrec, 6 years ago

Ah. Very good. Thanks for the update. Since I'm not a programmer, just a middleman, the API documentation wouldn't have done me much good. Next time I'll tell the developer to do his own job and let me get back to doing someone else's.


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