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Does Campaign Monitor offer a WYSIWYG editor for business users to create email templates?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Angela,

Campaign Monitor is really aimed at web designers who have their own HTML tools and experience, so we don't offer online editing for emails.

We do have MailBuild, which lets a web designer create templates and then non-tech people can login, add content to templates and send the emails. See for more.

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bendalby82, 9 years ago


I've created two or three systems that allowed business users to create HTML email.

The main challenge was always education - explaining to business users how different email HTML was to the web HTML they were used to. Lots of conversations along the lines of 'well we can have the company logo, but what the client will see is a big red cross in Outlook.' All due respect to the users I worked with, once we got to grips with it, they were really willing to work within the constraints of the medium to come up with something that was simple but miles more effective than 'working back from the Intranet design.'

System 1 was form-based and hosted in Excel, so not WYSIWYG. But dead simple to use, and a nice approach for a structured report.

System 2 was 'more-or-less' WYSIWYG, using Word styles that matchd the HTML, with a preview function that actually parsed Word content and spat out an HTML preview in IE.

System 3 was true WYSIWYG, using Tiny MCE in a hosted browser. I found the main problem with most HTML editors was the tags they spat out were just too rich for html email. Tiny MCE has a nice feature which allows you to restrict the tags that the editor creates, so that was the way we went. The users edited, and the HTML code that was created worked in the world of email.

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