Mailbuild - Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields() key names?


Having an issue with using the Mailbuild API and custom fields. When i have a field with a space in the name, eg "Interested In", the tag "InterestedIn" doesn't seem to be recognised by the API?

Have I done something stupid, or is this a bug?

According to here: the key name for a custom field matches the personalization tag, however my experience says that this is not the case in the Mailbuild API.

I've worked around it by changing the field name to match the personalization tag, but would like to know which of the two values is the key that the API actually expects?

suburbanboy, 9 years ago

I think I'm having the same problem - I've been struggling to get the MailBuild API working as well and seem to be having the same problem. Any single word fields seem to be submitting fine but anything which had more than one word in it isn't submitting.

What are you using for multi-word fields? I'm not sure I fully understand your explanation of 'changing the field name to match the personalization tag'? For example, I've tried using both 'NatureofBusiness' and 'NatureofBusiness,fallback=' as the key values but neither seem to work.

UPDATED: Actually I see now - you're using the field name - e.g 'Nature of Business'. Can someone at Campaign Monitor or MailBuild confirm which is correct? I really don't want to launch a client site using one method then something change here to stop the data submitting!

Jason Jason, 9 years ago

Hi guys,

MailBuild currently works on the field name, as suggested by warren_s, including spaces etc. We are working to standardize this across the two apps in the very near future, but legacy styles will still work.

Hope this clears things up.

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