Send email invite to subscribers, record response yes/no

Is it possible to send an invite email to a subscriber list that takes them to a web page with 2 big buttons that says "yes I will attend" and "no I cant attend" that then adds those words to a field in the database?

aognenoff, 8 years ago

You can do it with the API.

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

An even easier solution would be to use segments:

One segment for those that clicked the "yes" button, and one for those that clicked the "no" button.

It won't add the response to the database, but it gives you the info you want.


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aognenoff, 8 years ago

Good idea stig!

simonok, you could use segments alone if you had the Yes/No buttons within the email itself and then segment based on the subscriber clicking a specific link. In that case, the web page the links would go to would not be where the logic happens.

If you do want to record the answers in the database then you would do the following:

Step 1) Send invite to whole list
Step 2) Use API to record Yes/No answer as a custom field in CM
Step 3) Use custom field to then segment the list by Yes/No answers

If it's a one off thing or there will be many invites to different events over time, I would do it the way stig suggests.

simonok, 8 years ago

My client wants a web page with the yes and no buttons (they want a flash intro), I've managed to get this working using the api, but only with the flash sample provided, the php version keeps giving soap errors.

It would also be nice to pre-populate the email and name fields, with their name email but I don't have a clue how to do this in flash.

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