solution needed: better web-based forms for forwarding

My last eblast for one of my clients links to a .pdf web page ( that's a customizable form letter for forwarding to recipients of the sender's choice.  It's mostly text, with just a few form fields the user can fill in - date, name and address of the recipient, and name and address of the user/sender.   I saved it as Acrobat 6, Static, since Acrobat 8 and the XML versions were causing problems on older computers, even crashing one laptop repeatedly.  And the form really doesn't perform the email forwarding well at all  - Acrobat forms, like most others, are almost exclusively designed to be returned back to the form owner, not forwarded to a third party. 

A friend referred me to Wufoo, but they don't really do this either.  Tim at Wufoo referred me to CM.  But I'm not sure CM is the solution. All I really need is an alternative to Acrobat forms - web-based forms that don't require latest version software downloads,  are fully browser-accessible and spam-secure, and can be both printed and forwarded to addresses of the user's choice.  All I'd do is link to these forms in my eblasts. I'm already paying for an affordable list service with adequate tracking.  I can't afford to pay an additional or greater fee based on what I send to my list.  But I'd gladly pay a fee for actual member usage of such forms, especially if tracking of that usage were included, and even better, if I could set it up so that different forms for all my clients could be included under my one account  Can Campaign Monitor be set up to work that way?  Or perhaps what I'm looking for is elsewhere. It seems like there'd be a market for something like this. If I had the skills and startup capital, I'd do it myself. I'd call it FORWARD, with a the A morphing into an O and back.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

It does sound like you need a form handler more than you need the email sending capability of Campaign Monitor. I don't know of a product that will meet all your needs, but perhaps someone else does.

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