api subscribewithcustom send email based on customfield

I have finally got the subscribewithcustom working but have a few questions

1. Based on a form value yes or no, can I send an email but not a campaign i.e You said yes email, You said no email
2. The users will already be in campaign monitor, so the first email I send, will direct them to the subscribe form above, how can I pre-populate with thier name and email? and can test this without sending the email, just so I can see it working?

As my users are already subscribed, is there a better way to add the yes and no questions to the users info in cm?

Many thanks

aognenoff, 8 years ago

So if I understand you correctly, you want to a) send a message to your subscribers asking a yes/no question, b) send a follow up message in response to their answer, c) pre-populate a form with their name and email.

a) You know how to do.

b) You can either use the new API command to send a campaign (create a 'Yes' campaign and a 'No' campaign) or you would handle the email outside of CM altogether using a different mail server and sending component.

c) You can use the API to get subscriber information (Subscribers.GetSingleSubscriber), you just need to append their email address onto the link in the original campaign so you can grab it on your landing page from the querystring.

Can you lay out the whole process you're trying to accomplish here in more generic terms?  It seems you're posting bits and pieces in multiple threads and you may get better answers if you laid it all out at once.

simonok, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, basically the situation is this

1. I already have everyone in a cm subscriber list.
2. I will send them an email via cm to see if they would like to attend an event (it will contain a link to a webpage)
3. On the webpage I will use the api to ask them "would you like to attend" yes or no

Becuase I have already have got their name and email address, can I pass that information to the webpage (subscribewithcustom) so they won't have to re-enter their name and email?

You say use subscribers.GetSingleSubscriber can you elaborate how to use this on my SubscribewithCustom page?

simonok, 8 years ago

I have managed to populate the form fields in the file subscribewithcustom using the querystring, name=bobsmith&email=mad@mad.com

and then in the form fields name and email insert this into the value field <?php echo $_GET['email']; ?> and <?php echo $_GET['name']; ?>

now just to work out how to send the confirmation email


aognenoff, 8 years ago

I guess I'm confused as to why you need to store the Yes/No answer within CM.  Are you going to schedule future campaigns based on their answer or is it just so you can send a different one-time message to them?

It sounds like you're trying to use the subscribe process in a way it wasn't intended. You use subscribewithcustom to update existing subscriber info but it won't send confirmation messages for that since CM has presumably already confirmed their opt-in status.

If I were doing this, I would only use CM to do the initial send and then use your own mail server for sending the one-off emails in response to their answers.  CM isn't really designed for sending messages to single recipients.

Hope that helps.

- Andy

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