MobileMe - email preview text

Is there any way to dictate the text that will show in MobileMe's preview pane? I can't seem to get it to display anything different from what I had in my first newsletter draft - MobileMe just ignores all my subsequent drafts and their amended first lines of text.

morecowbell, 9 years ago

Just to further explain: I had a certain sentence showing in my first newsletter draft. I have since completely deleted that sentence and replaced it with something else. But in all subsequent test emails to MobileMe, the original sentence still shows - even though content of the newsletter is different. It's like MobileMe is caching the preview text...???

morecowbell, 9 years ago

Oh, and Entourage is doing the same thing.
I just don't get it...

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Are you changing your plain text version as well as your HTML version? It could be using the first line from your text version.

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